Grumpy Turkey Day !!!

Hope Everyone Has A Grumpy Turkey Day !!

After You Get Your Fill Of All The Turkey And All The Trimmings Get On COD Server And Frag And Cut All

That Food Away !!!


Grumpy Thanksgiving To All You Grumpys !!!!!!!

The Asylum Alliance

Hey Grumpy Gamers..

I am pleased to announce that Grumpy Gamers has formed an Alliance with The Asylum. THE ASYLUM

The guys at The Asylum are a great group of gamers with similarities to Grumpy Gamers.  We have already made some good friends with The Asylum community.

Join me in welcoming Scorpion and The Asylum community to Grumpy Gamers.  We will have access to their server which run 64 players, with ASY #1 being a TDM Server and ASY #2 being a Conquest server.  We will continue to keep the Grumpy Gamers BF4 server but will add the alliance to it, and may make some changes to the format.  More information to come!


Where are all the Grumpies at?

Calling all Grumpy Members and Friends!

We need your help getting our servers populated so we can drive some traffic and reverse this rut we are in.  Without you, our friends and Members Grumpy Gamers would not have grown into the community we are today.  We need your support to bring this group back to its former glory.

So, lets all get in the game, post in our forum, and get Grumpy!