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OK Guys, we changed hosting providers due to other problems with our current host.


Well, this broke our forums. So, I am working on updating the site to a newer platform which will transition the forums from phpBB to WordPress.

I am doing it as time allows, if anybody wants to help, jump right in. Existing admins already have all the access they need.

The Beginning of the End!

I will be frank, and say it first. Unfortunately my day job has kept me away from the gaming world, although I do check in regularly, I don’t have the luxury of time to play games or even sit at the computer as much as I used to. I actually have lost about 30lbs even with all the travel and dinners out.

It seems that many members have also lost the time or the interest in the games, and many we have never heard a peep from in a year or more. With that said, the servers COD4 and BF4 hardly see any players, the most COD4 has had on at one time the last month is 12 players, the average is just 2 players, that iss not good. BF4 picked up for a few weeks and was actually full every night, but we got no additional outsiders trying to connect with us, and the short lived momentum has completely died off, in the last month we have had Zero Players in Total. Team speak, most nights it is completely empty. And the forums, well, nobody is ever here or logins in to check things. Yes, I have looked at the analytics of all this and the future is bleak at best.

I see Grumpy Gamers going the way of AOL.. “there when you wanna see if they still exist”…. rapidly.

With this, I just canceled the BF4 server, it will shutdown when it expires in January. COD4 is good through next October, 2017, Teamspeak is also goo through next August. The website hosting expires next May, and the domain name still has a few years on it. They will stay online until they expire on their own. I will renew them, if we get more participation and have a miracle come back. Any remaining funds in Paypal will be donated after the last server expires. I wish it wouldn’t come to an end, but what else can I do.

Frankly I am not looking to do anything more with this, I am too bummed out, But 8 years is not a bad life for a clan at all. I wish it was still going as strong as it was in 2012 when we had almost 100 members, active members. Today, there are just 4 or 5 of us that are still occasionally active, and while I value the friendships built over the years, I just don’t see myself putting anymore effort or time in to keep Grumpy Gamers going forward. It breaks my heart and soul, but what else am I to do.



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