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The meeting is scheduled for Monday  September 1st at 9 PM Eastern/ 8 Central

Those that can make it,  we appreciate it and those that cannot make it, please stop in sometime this week to be updated.

The meeting will be about the new changes and the servers. There is also going to be more info that all should be aware of.

Thank you and hope to see everyone there!

Gaming brought to life.

SWAT team raid gamer’s room and arrest him while he’s playing online…
and the whole thing is captured on his webcam

  • Popular Jordan Mathewson was live-streaming game in Littleton, Colorado
  • Suddenly huge armed team burst in yesterday and forced him to the ground
  • Hoax forced dozens to be evacuated and two nearby schools were closed
  • Caller had claimed he was gunman who shot two people and took hostages
  • It is part of growing trend of ‘swatting’ with pranks reported across the U.S.


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