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From now until February 28th, Grumpy Gamers is holding a contest on our BF4 Server.  The player with the MOST hours on the server will win a limited edition Grumpy Gamers Coffee Mug…  Perfect for those late night gaming runs.  The rules, well, there are none, just get in an Play.  And on Feb 29th, yes it is Leap Year, We will Announce the winner and ship out your prize!

The contest is open to anyone that has a valid Origin Account and plays on our server.

Battle Field 4 – Grumpy Style

Grumpy Gamers now has an Official BF4 Server


Click Here to open it in Battlelog

It is Configured as 64 players, Hardcore, Large Conquest, and there are Zero Rules!

Just have fun!


GG – Call of Duty 4