Happy Valentines

Happy,  Errr. GRUMPY Valentines Day!!


Grumpy Mugs

There are just 8 Limited Edition Grumpy Gamers custom Mugs Left. (Just coffee, sorry no beer mugs)

Get yours today, before they are gone forever!

Just $15 plus Shipping.

Grumpy Christmas

Grumpy Christmas to all our Friends....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Grumpy Gamers!


Grumpy Awareness for Breast Cancer

Grumpy Gamers would like to ackowledge breast cancer awareness month by donating 50% of all server donations to Breast Cancer Awareness. As a part of donating, you will receive a pink Grumpy Gamers decal for your car. Get in contact with Devious or Earl and we'll be sure to get one out to you.

Grumpy Gamers thank you.


We have obtained a new Teamspeak server because our old provider stinks. Check the Teamspeak tab in the website for the new info.





Memorial Day

Grumpy Gamers would like to thank everyone who has served this country and those of you who may still be active in protecting our freedom. For the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may lead a better life, you will never be forgotten.

Welcome to Grumpy Gamers

Welcome to the New Grumpy Gamers Community Website. 

This new site will feature articles, news, and reviews of Games, Hardware, and more.  

With this new site, we will also have a new Forum and New Social integration with Facebook and Google Plus. The goal is to grow the Grumpy Community into something more than a simple clan that likes to play a few games.  We desire to be the Next Premier gaming community and offer so much more. 

Welcome to the New Grumpy Gamers! 



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